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Case Study


Developing A Scalable Application For A Vr Startup


Easterseals of Southwest Florida, a Human Services provider, set out to leverage virtual reality (VR) to provide job training for adults in the disability community. Their product allows for a fully immersive experience where clients can learn skills, practice scenarios, and receive evaluations for job readiness. Stirling Brandworks partnered with Easterseals to engineer a system to manage the technology. The outcome was a customized portal built to scale with their evolving business model.

Key Services

  • User Research & DiscoveryUser Research & Discovery
  • App Interface DesignApp Interface Design
  • Application DevelopmentApplication Development
  • Web Ops + EngineeringWeb Ops + Engineering
  • Maintenance + Tech SupportMaintenance + Tech Support
  • Analytics + ReportingAnalytics + Reporting

Our Approach

Capturing short and long-term goals for the product was the first step in devising a management portal with the ability to scale.

Stirling provided Easteseals with professional recommendations on how to structure the license model, manage users and report training module data.

Month Sprint
Lines of Code


Auditing the Existing Tech Stack

To ensure scalability, Stirling completed an audit of the existing technology stack. This included an analysis of the database structure to recommend improvements for information organization.

After evaluating the current virtual reality (VR) system, its data streams, and the application programming interface (API), the foundation for the project was set.


Collaborating To Determine
The Licensing Model

Partnering with large non-profits like Goodwill, Easterseals needed a modern portal to oversee the technology’s licensing. Stirling worked to uncover business needs by organization type and user persona, leading to a recommended licensing model.


Prototyping a Portal with
User Experience in Mind

Stirling leveraged user journey mapping to capture the needs of each persona that would interact with the portal. The prototype included the proposed experience for all user roles, from organization admins to job coaches and VR users.

Presented with a clean interface and modern functionality, the Easterseals team could visualize the end product before development began.


Engineering A Product
To Scale

With a sleek design and established requirements, Stirling developed the portal following prevailing technology standards. The software was engineered with extensive QA and testing, using VR headsets to ensure functionality.

The outcome was an integrated portal that empowered Easterseals to oversee and manage all facets of the application.


Getting To Market

With an MVP of the portal launched, Easterseals needed to bring the technology to market. With Stirling’s collaboration, they embarked on pilot programs, setting up licenses for new organizations, and training on user management. With the initial rollout, user feedback was collected to empower future phases of development.


Forging An Ongoing
Partnership Of Support

To assist Easterseals in their go-to-market (GTM) efforts, Stirling continues to provide ongoing support of the application. From platform updates to issue tracking and backlog prioritization, the partnership has empowered seamless scaling as people in the disability community prepare for fulfilling futures.

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