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Case Study

Junk Junk Baby!

Branding a National Franchise


Built by an escapee of corporate America, Junk Junk Baby came to Stirling Brandworks with ambitious plans for the future. Experiencing steady growth locally, the company eyed expansion into a national franchise. Junk Junk Baby needed brand marketing solutions strong enough to match its ambitions and an agency partner that could provide them.

Key Services

  • Messaging + Brand PositioningMessaging + Brand Positioning
  • Messaging FrameworkMessaging Framework
  • Brand DevelopmentBrand Development
  • Video ProductionVideo Production
  • Website Design + DevWebsite Design + Dev
  • Visual DesignVisual Design

Our Approach

Stirling provided Junk Junk Baby with a dynamic brand strategy and identity package including video content, marketing collateral, various websites designed for a range of audiences, logo design, t-shirts and a revamped fleet of vehicles.

The rebrand and wide range of work successfully helped Junk Junk Baby dominate the local market and conveyed to potential national customers and franchisees the feeling of an established brand.

Increase in Site Visits
Increase in Site Sessions


Positioning A Playful Brand For A National Audience

Moving from a regional to a national market presents many brand considerations. When it was time to pivot and open up territories across the US, we guided the client team through a strategic rebrand.

Starting with a positioning workshop, we explored how the company viewed itself, building personas of prospective customers, franchisees, and funding partners. We examined the competitive set and considered color theory, while a messaging strategy was developed to provide organizational direction. These tools serve as a benchmark for future brand decisions and ensure consistency across all messaging and collateral.


Rolling Out A Complete
Brand Identity

Leveraging the insights uncovered through the brand positioning phase, we re-imagined the brand from a visual perspective. Utilizing word association, archetypes, and documentation of tone/feel, we adapted these elements to determine a color pallet and mark. We needed to build a brand that could stand out within the growing junk removal market.

We transferred this new identity to trucks, signage, uniforms, investor decks, franchise disclosure docs (FDD), and other required materials to complete the rollout.


Video Puts The Brand In Motion

Video is a powerful storytelling tool that builds credibility and legitimacy. Prospective franchisees want to see what they are investing in, while prospective customers want to understand the size and scale of what they offer. We deployed video as a key component in telling the brand story. We showcased a “day-in-the-life” narrative with visuals of the crew in action, high-quality drone footage, and interactions with clients.

We cut the video assets into a series of short TV spots for digital advertising channels and a longer form brand video for the web to support the sales process.


Getting To Market And Proving Value

Bringing the refreshed brand to life required a strategic go-to-market plan. Leveraging the insights uncovered during brand development, we proposed a marketing stack for continued expansion with a website structure to support future franchisees. The goal was to serve potential franchisees who needed more context on the business than a typical customer. Lead generation was a vital advertising vehicle as we considered the regional markets that would come online first.


Deploying A Corporate
& Franchise Website

A corporate website is an essential destination in the customer journey. It can also be a powerful advertising tool to secure potential franchisees. We developed a primary corporate website, a microsite for prospective franchisees, and a template with the ability to clone and deploy future franchisee sites within one robust network.

The site also leverages a job management system and sales conversion tools for lead capture. The result is a scalable solution powered for future growth.


Supporting Sales

To launch the brand from a digital perspective, we put together a comprehensive, scalable marketing campaign that uses Google AdWords pay-per-click (PPC). Using staggered flight dates, we launched markets within target zip codes leveraging the same ad sets and creativity, allowing us to move faster.

We also supported sales enablement by developing a sales presentation, investor deck, and other materials to support the sales team to strike while the iron’s hot.

Clients Review

"Since launching the new site, our user base has grown by 50%, and we’re hitting the ground running."
Eric Myers, Owner of Junk Junk Baby

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