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Case Study

Azara Healthcare

Improving Population Health Management with Data Visualization


Azara Healthcare, a leading provider of solutions designed to support population health, wanted to empower their clients in the community health center and physician practice space to do more with their data. Their products equip these providers with the tools to customize population health initiatives, identify at-risk patients, improve quality, reduce costs, and simplify mandated reporting. The primary focus was DRVS, a centralized data analytics solution that Stirling Brandworks partnered with Azara to build.

Key Services

  • User ResearchUser Research
  • Competitior AnalysisCompetitior Analysis
  • Brand DevelopmentBrand Development
  • App Interface DesignApp Interface Design
  • Website Design + DevWebsite Design + Dev
  • Maintenance & SupportMaintenance & Support

Our Approach

In collaboration with Azara, Stirling provided continuous product design and development, adding features and optimizing the DRVS experience for end-users. The enhanced product was complemented by a newly designed website, complete with a simplified product animation, offering a look at DRVS, without revealing proprietary information.

Through collaboration with the larger Azara team, strong communications across all channels, and strategic guidance, Stirling and Azara forged a partnership that thrives to this day.

Monthly Views
App Releases


Helping Engineering Uncover User Needs

With hundreds of licenses across the country and dozens of measures and filters, the application has grown considerably over time. A talented engineering team was too close to the software to make significant changes to its structure. Azara needed an independent user experience (UX) audit.

Our process began with a review of the existing application and interviews with real users and critical stakeholders. By breaking features down into user stories, we were able to identify gaps and provide a phased approach to addressing our recommendations.
Screens of ACM Original App before redesign and audit


Rolling Out a CX
Centered Approach

Leveraging the findings from the user experience (UX) audit, Stirling assisted with completely redesigning Azara’s flagship application, DRVS. This new look and feel focused on shortening pathways to common data views, providing richer visualizations, and adding enhanced filtering options.

For the next major product go-to-market, we developed concepts from front to back end, ensuring a consistent visual identity and customer experience across Azara’s suite of tools.
azara user interface


Overseeing Ongoing Product Development

Due to the strong partnership, Stirling continues to direct the user experience (UX) of ongoing releases, ensuring that all new and modified features are compatible with the global application standards during the software development life cycle.

Software as a service (SaaS) platforms are never abandoned, and constant optimizations, new feature releases, and development sprints keep engineering teams busy. Stirling’s involvement ensures a consistent end-user experience and provides Azara with a dedicated UX partner.
Screens of the aCM redesign application and its new reporting tools


Getting To Market And Proving Value

Like many product companies, Azara communicates with customers and prospects by leveraging email marketing, social media, and their corporate website. Due to fragmented systems, the sales and marketing team did not have the required data and lacked a central repository to manage customer touchpoints.


Supporting A Marketing
Stack Rollout

Many marketing technology tools promise to provide richer analytics and an integrated experience. As a company well-versed in data visualization, Azara needed a strategic stack that could deliver on that promise. They were also looking for a partner to consult on how to get the greatest return on the technology investment.

The project team identified HubSpot Marketing and Sales Hub as the best tools to fit the need. Stirling supported the migration, implementation, and rollout of the stack, ensuring seamless integration every step of the way.


Deploying a New
Corporate Website

Carrying the marketing stack forward, priority one was developing a new website within HubSpot’s content management system (CMS) with support for sales conversion forms and seamless email marketing design.

The Stirling team brought visual balance to the redesigned website, offering an easily navigable, user-friendly experience for visitors. A dynamic product animation loop demonstrated the DRVS tool in action, offering a simplified view of what’s possible with their key product.

Clients Review

"Their amazing work ethic, focus, and invaluable guidance have been instrumental in the growth of our products."
Mike Rapawy, Director of Product Management at Azara Healthcare

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