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Case Study

Stoneham, MA

Positioning A Community For Economic Development


The town of Stoneham is a bustling suburb located north of Boston, Massachusetts. With unmatched amenities and acres of conservation land, the community needed to turn its offering into a compelling story. Stirling Brandworks partnered with town stakeholders to redefine public perception through cohesive creative and strategic messaging. The outcome was a brand campaign to inspire residents and drive economic development.

Key Services

  • Strategy WorkshopStrategy Workshop
  • Audience ResearchAudience Research
  • Messaging + Brand PositioningMessaging + Brand Positioning
  • Media PlanningMedia Planning
  • Go-To-Market StrategyGo-To-Market Strategy
  • Analytics + ReportingAnalytics + Reporting

Our Approach

Getting to know the community was a crucial step in communicating its offering. Through extensive research, interviews, and focus groups, Stirling was able to distill feedback into actionable insights.

With a unified stakeholder group and a deep understanding of current challenges, the foundation of the strategic brand campaign was set.

Month Campaign
Planned Media Tactics


Rediscovering What Was Already There

Following the competitive analysis and stakeholder discovery, it became clear Stoneham was a town with more to offer. More amenities, more outdoor recreation, more history, and more opportunity. To solidify the community’s position as a destination filled with ‘hidden gems,’ we developed the tagline - More Happens Here.


Uniting a Community With
a Cohesive Brand Identity

A campaign set to unite community partners and businesses required a visual identity prime for co-branding. With the creation of flexible assets, Stirling armed the Stoneham team with the capability to customize materials independently and showcase local brands.


Launching A Landing Page That Offers More

To provide the community with a digital center for tourism, we developed a campaign landing page. Stirling selected the platform based on an evaluation of its flexible management capabilities and integration opportunities.

The landing page empowered the town of Stoneham to pay the campaign positioning forward with the ability to highlight community partners, feature social content and engage new business opportunities.


Making Connections With Video Storytelling

By leveraging the power of video storytelling, we were able to encourage a community of bystanders to become brand ambassadors. From storyboarding and scripting through to post-production, Stirling ensured the final video served as the culmination of the campaign goals.


Getting To Market and Proving Value

As a town rich with long-standing traditions and community events, we had the opportunity to soft-launch the campaign at Stoneham’s annual ‘Town Day’ celebration. Campaign banners surrounded visitors as they engaged with various local vendors and explored all Stoneham had to offer. Building upon the initial campaign visibility, Stirling presented the strategy to the business community, ensuring key stakeholders understood how to align themselves with the messaging.


Rolling Out A Community-
Wide Go-To-Market Plan

To fully launch the campaign and ensure return on investment (ROI), we devised a strategic go-to-market (GTM) plan. The multi-phase plan included everything from audience definition and targeting to channel planning and communication strategy.

The plan was complete with a list of key performance indicators (KPIs) Stirling identified as critical in empowering the town of Stoneham to measure campaign success.

Clients Review

"We couldn’t be happier with this project. The community feedback has proven that the final output hit the mark, and thanks to Stirling, we have the blueprint to continue to leverage it."
Megan Day, Executive Director of Stoneham Chamber

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