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Case Study

Safran Optics 1

A Global Innovative Tech Leader Has A Website Worthy Of Its Reputation


Optics 1 is a global leader in advanced precision electro-optic and navigation systems, providing unmatched technology to military and law enforcement and the aerospace and medical research industries. Stirling Brandworks’ strategy was simple and direct: provide Optics 1 with a sleeker, visually appealing secure website showcasing its full spectrum of products and its international reputation for innovation.

Key Services

  • Website Design + DevWebsite Design + Dev
  • Secure DevelopmentSecure Development
  • Maintenance & SupportMaintenance & Support

Our Approach

Working within their parent company’s existing brand standards, Stirling created a photo-driven website with Optics 1 products front and center. Potential customers want to see the innovative tech and the details.

Stirling also provided the new website with a refined content strategy and site architecture that intuitively organized its products and solutions. That allows for reliable, easily managed updates while meeting strict security requirements.



A Unique Brand Built Within An Existing Brand

With hundreds of licenses across the country and dozens of measures and filters, the application has grown considerably over time. A talented engineering team was too close to the software to make significant changes to its structure. Azara needed an independent user experience (UX) audit. Our process started by reviewing the existing application and interviewing real users, and critical stakeholders. By breaking features down into user stories, we were able to identify gaps and provide a phased approach to addressing recommendations.

optics 1 branding


A Secure Custom Content
Management System

Security is important to any website providing e-commerce options, but Optics 1 isn’t Etsy. Its clients require discretion and a substantially higher level of security. The Custom Content Management System Stirling developed allows for ease of updates while adhering to strict security requirements.

optics 1 content management system


High-Impact Photography
And Video Put Products

The audience for Optics 1’s products wants to see their gear in rich detail and in action. Stirling put the immersive visual elements front and center - photos and video taken during real-time simulations, detailed product photography in the online catalog, even tradeshow appearances, and conferences.

optics 1 website design

Clients Review

"Now, our website represents us as leaders in the industry."
Mary Corrado, Marketing Communications Manager at Optics 1

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