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Case Study

Navigating Life

Developing a New Way To Provide Care


For Human Services organizations, managing communication between caregivers, administrators, and families proved to be yet another challenge the industry faced. Technology offers new opportunities to build trust and transparency, though a custom tool for programs that support the disability community didn’t exist. The industry deserved the technology needed to execute its critical services.

The solution was Navigating Life, a fully compliant mobile application developed in partnership between Stirling Brandworks and Waypoint Interactive.

Key Services

  • User ResearchUser Research
  • Brand DevelopmentBrand Development
  • App Interface DesignApp Interface Design
  • Video ProductionVideo Production
  • Digital MarketingDigital Marketing
  • Maintenance & SupportMaintenance & Support

Our Approach

Waypoint Interactive initially approached Stirling with a minimum viable product (MVP) of the Navigating Life mobile technology. The application was in an incomplete state, and Waypoint faced scalability issues.

Following a user experience (UX) audit and code review, we recommended a continuous development cycle starting with an overhaul of the existing technology and brand.

Once the application met the criteria for mass adoption, we established the right sales strategy required to bring it to market.

Fewer Calls from Concerned Families
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UX Audit And Code Review To Identify Gaps.

Priority one was to determine what elements of the application were working and what areas needed a revamp to ensure utilization.

Considering the unique needs of each user persona, Stirling evaluated all features and functionality. This included persona development for administrators, management, family members, clinicians, and program staff.

Following a deep understanding of each user persona’s goals, the entire codebase was reviewed to identify gaps, bugs, and enhancements necessary for scalability. We determined the application needed to be rebuilt and re-platformed to ensure success in the market.
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Relaunching A Mobile

Selling licenses of the application to organizations that had to adhere to HIPAA-compliance standards for technology was no small feat. After an extensive discovery phase to evaluate compliant tools, Stirling recommended an enterprise-level tech stack primed for mass market adoption of the product.

With the foundation set, the app’s interface was updated to meet user expectations for a social media platform and provide immediate credibility. An in-app support integration was also provisioned to ensure user feedback was collected and addressed. After extensive QA, a sleek and secure version of Navigating Life was relaunched in the App Store and Google Play Store.


Establishing A Brand. Building A Universe.

For an application that serves every stakeholder connected to a Human Services organization, Waypoint required a better way to communicate the app’s benefits.

Using the personas devised to audit the technology, a branded character universe for Navigating Life was born. Stirling scripted, storyboarded, and produced explainer videos for each persona to showcase how the technology improved outcomes for the disability community.

The branded universe of characters provided an ongoing vehicle to peddle the “Why Navigating Life” narrative while ensuring consistency of marketing assets.


Getting To Market And Proving Value

Bringing the technology to market required the development of a pilot program. Stirling worked closely with Waypoint to determine the pricing model and implementation plan ensured successful product adoption with the first customers to join the platform.

Findings from the initial pilot provided critical data leveraged to adjust the technology’s mechanics and the marketing plan.

Finally, we built a sales-focused product website to house the suite of explainer videos, showcase the robust features, and encourage organizations to adopt the technology.


Leveraging Digital Marketing And Retargeting

Using the latest digital marketing tactics, we executed a campaign to serve product ads to visitors of the target organization’s physical buildings. Stirling identified the key customers, developed the campaign creative, set the retargeting goals by persona, and reported on performance.

Following the success of the initial marketing campaigns, we launched a social media campaign to increase app downloads and grow the user base. Stirling then presented an ongoing content strategy to ensure consistent messaging across all channels.


Deploying A Lifestyle Video Series

Connecting prospective customers to real user stories was the next step in ensuring Navigating Life reached its potential. A lifestyle video series was developed based on animated explainer videos and digital persona targeting to achieve this.

Stirling scripted, storyboarded, and produced the series showcasing a range of user testimonials, including families, staff, and supported clients in the disability community. The series launched with a conversion-optimized landing page and subsequent social media campaign.


Establishing A True Operational Partner

From ongoing feature development to addressing user feedback, Stirling consistently releases new versions of the Navigating Life technology. This requires extensive QA and testing with dedicated backlog management.

To support continued customer success, Stirling works with Waypoint to manage product implementation, utilization reporting, demos, exhibits, documentation, and lead generation campaigns.

As new customers join the platform and the national sales strategy continues, the partnership between Stirling and Waypoint remains strong.

Clients Review

"Stirling is an incredible operational partner for Waypoint and we greatly enjoy working with the team. Beyond the strong technology support, they have been critical in assisting with a complex go-to-market and sales rollout. We could not do it without them."
Greg Morris, Waypoint Interactive

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